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Goat Vanity Links

Goat Vanity Links are a great way for Discord server owners to create memmerable invite links.
You can get your own vanity link using the "vanity" command.

Public Servers

You can optionally make your Goat Vanity Link public.
Public vanity links are listed below.

Server Name Server Description Vanity Code Invite Link
Goat - Support This is the support server for Goat. goat Join Goat - Support
Black people unite f Join Black people unite
Gamer's Haven A cool place for gamers to hang out. gamers-haven Join Gamer's Haven
CodeGoat - TikTok Community Server codegoat Join CodeGoat - TikTok Community Server
Chat And Game chat Join Chat And Game

If you don't want your Goat Vanity link to be public, you can make it private using the "/vanity" command.


Get support for Goat on the official Goat bot - Support Server.

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