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Welcome to Goat.
This documentation will help you get started with Goat, as well as configure his more advanced features.

A comprehensive set of guides is available here to help you get started with Goat's many features.
You will learn the basics including inviting Goat and ensuring he is able to manage your server, member welcoming, reaction roles and levelling.
You will additionally learn about the more advanced Goat features such as automatic role assignment, levelling roles, Goat Tickets, Private Voice Chat, Stream Monitor, Goat Starboard and message filters.

The documentation is split in to chapters.
Each chapter contains a number of topics.

Note that this documentation assumes that you are setting up a new Discord server.
If you are using an already established Discord server, you will need to adapt the provided instructions to suit your environment.

Available Chapters

  1. Introduction To Goat
  2. Inviting Goat
  3. Basic Server Configuration
  4. Server Moderation
  5. Advanced Server Configuration
  6. Support

Introduction To Goat

This chapter introduces Goat and covers some of the various benefits he provides.

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Welcome to Goat, the Discord guild guardian.
Goat is designed to take care of all your management and moderation needs.
In addition to this, he provides many advanced features to help you provide the most professional, enjoyable experience to your members.

Goat provides a uniform experience to your members throughout all of his features.
Command input is designed to be as simple as possible even for the more advanced commands.

In addition to providing management and moderation features, Goat provides music playback and many useful utilities.
He can additionally help you provide a professional support service for community servers.

More Information

You can get more background information about Goat on the About page.

You can learn about specific Goat commands on the Commands page.


Goat provides a number of benefits to server owners and members alike.

Server Management

Many servers use multiple bots to help with management and administration.
Due to the number of functions provided by Goat, he can handle all your management needs single handedly, while providing a familiar, comfortable experience.


Goat provides various security features for your server including raid protection, message filtering and member reporting mechanisms.


All Discord related functionality provided by Goat is free of charge.
You can create as many reaction roles, sticky messages, repeated messages or Reddit watchers as you like without paying for extra service.


Get support for Goat on the official Goat bot - Support Server.

View Goat on the Discord App Directory.

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