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Welcome to Goat.
This documentation will help you get started with Goat, as well as configure his more advanced features.

A comprehensive set of guides is available here to help you get started with Goat's many features.
You will learn the basics including inviting Goat and ensuring he is able to manage your server, member welcoming, reaction roles and levelling.
You will additionally learn about the more advanced Goat features such as automatic role assignment, levelling roles, Goat Tickets, Private Voice Chat, Stream Monitor, Goat Starboard and message filters.

The documentation is split in to chapters.
Each chapter contains a number of topics.

Note that this documentation assumes that you are setting up a new Discord server.
If you are using an already established Discord server, you will need to adapt the provided instructions to suit your environment.

Available Chapters

  1. Introduction To Goat
  2. Inviting Goat
  3. Basic Server Configuration
  4. Server Moderation
  5. Advanced Server Configuration
  6. Support


This chapter covers all your Goat support needs.
You will learn how to obtain support for Goat as well as get answers some of the more frequently asked questions.

Select a topic to start.

Get Support

From time to time you may find yourself needing help with Goat features.
The Goat support team aims to provide assistance for any Goat related issue you may have.

Self Service

Before you reach out to the support team for help, we encourage you to check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) topic in this chapter.
You may find that your query has already been answered.

If you don't find the answer to your query, we encourage you to consult the documentation to find out if your issue has already been covered.
Goat settings and other dashboard resources are well described to provide as much information as possible about related features.

Getting Help

If you were unable to solve your problem using the resources available, the Goat support team will be happy to help you out.
Reaching out is quick and easy, simply join the Goat - Support Server and either open a support ticket or reach out in the support channel.

You can additionally Contact Us via the Goat Dashboard with a query or bug report.

If your issue is still not resolved, it is likely caused by a bug or a lack of functionality in Goat.
Any identified bugs will be quickly fixed and we're open to implementing new functionality where we can, so hang in there and before you know it we'll have your problem solved.

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs in Goat using the "bug" command.
Reports are posted directly to the Goat support server where CodeGoat will personally look over your report and implement a fix.

You can additionally Contact Us via the Goat Dashboard with bug reports.

Bug fixes are often implemented within hours of receiving reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are struggling with one or more of Goat's features and need assistance, you may find the answer to your problem here.
This document is revised regularly based on the issues encountered by the support team.

Check out the questions and answers below.

Why isn't Goat able to moderate members?

It is possible that Goat will be unable to manage members even when administrative privileges are assigned.
The reason for this is the Discord role hierarchy.

In order for Goat to be able to manage members, they must not have any roles that are positioned above Goat's highest role.
By default, bots have one managed role which you can reposition as required.

Follow the instructions in the Inviting Goat chapter to learn what to do after Goat has been invited to your server.

Why is my reaction role not working?

When you create your reaction roles, if you use a non-standard emoji it is possible that your reaction role will not work as expected.
The reason for this is that non-standard emojis must be defined in the reaction role by their id, not the emoji it's self.

In order to get the id of a non-standard emoji, type "\:emojiname:" and send the message.
The id is the numeric portion of the resulting output.

Note that we are actively working on a solution to this issue.

Support Goat

While we can support you for any of your Goatish needs, we would much appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to do the same for us.
You can do this by voting for Goat or by donating money.

Your votes are highly important to us and help Goat gain the popularity he deserves.
Your donations will help keep Goat alive and will fund future development efforts.

Voting For Goat

You can vote for Goat using the "vote" command.
You can also visit the Bot Lists page on the Goat Dashboard for a complete list of all the bot lists Goat is a member of.

Donating To Goat

You're free to donate as little or as much as you like, or nothing at all.
You can make donations to Goat on the Donate page.


Get support for Goat on the official Goat bot - Support Server.

View Goat on the Discord App Directory.

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